It's Just Another Day

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 

I’m feeling kind of lonely
But that’s not to say
That I am not forever homely
With you by my side
I have nothing to hide

It’s just another day here
What can I say
Please do me another turn dear
And play me another tune
I’ve got nothing to lose

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 

What can I say – it’s just another day
Nothing changes around here
Cause for now it’s going my way
It’s all for a good cause baby
For now things are good, maybe

Hey ha hey ha  etc
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah etc

With the rushing wind
There’s time to change
I’m forever running
Forever burning
But hey nothing remains the same

Yeah etc

Copyright: Page Alexanda April 2017

Every Blessing,