There is an answer

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Is your life time a full of destruction
A life full of hatred and pain
Inside your crying, suffering and dying
as the hurt wells up once again

Are you bound by a tie of emotions
Unable to find a way to break out
You feel despondent, low and rejected
Longing to struggle and shout

There's a screen made up of rejection
Your hiding yourself from reality
There's a heartfelt cry for compassion
I need a friend so help me please

My child there is an answer
If only you'll open your eyes
Jesus is the one who will see you free
He is the light
He is the truth
He is the only way

I said my child there is an answer
Be bold and open your eyes
As Jesus said He will set you free
He's the light
He's the truth
He is the only way

copyright Page Alexanda

Every Blessing,