Page's Daily Schedule

Daily Routine
Morning routine:
v  Drink Water
v  Make bed
v  Take  meds and vitamins
v  Check calendar
v  Thaw something for dinner if I need too
v  Exercise
v  Shower
v  Fix hair and fix bathroom whilst there
v  Make coffee with breakfast or drink fruit tea instead
v  Check any emails

Early afternoon routine:
v  Eat lunch (I don’t always do this)
v  Meal Prep
v  Make any phone calls I need too
v  Check emails
v  Check/calendar/planner for next day appointments – if any

Late afternoon routine:
v  Tidy up rooms, pick up & put away things, magazines, papers etc
v  Clear dining table (often books, papers etc are left on here during the day)
v  Set dinner table
v  Start dinner
v  Light candles (if dark enough of course)
v  Put on some relaxing music

Before bed routine:
v  Kitchen clean it up, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths as needed
v  Review checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten
v  Think about tomorrow
v  Write a “to do list” for next day in journal
v  Gather up items I don’t want to forget for next day & put by back door
v  Set table for breakfast for the morning
v  Decide on clothes for next day
v  Cool down time & get ready for bed:
v  Read for fun or listen to music, watch dvd/tv with hubby
v  Relax in a hot bubble bath
v  Brush teeth, clean & moisturise face, brush hair
v  Take meds
v  Write in Journal
v  Reflection on Today
v  Spend time in God’s Word & pray
v  Go to bed at a reasonable time! Preferably at the same time each day (unless going out)
v  Fall asleep with a smile on my face & in my heart J

Every Blessing,