The Issues of Modesty - Part 1

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Issues of Modesty – Part 1

I know that there have been a few topics on Modesty that have been posted by various people on Homestead Blogger and yes, I am going to add another post here.

This is an issue that I feel is important and just something that is sadly lacking not only amongst non-Christians but also in the churches today too, which I find such a shame. I also find it amazing that there seems to be no or very little teaching on this subject for the women including girls who are about to enter into womanhood in churches today.  This is something that I feel is sadly lacking and my question is why?

Before I go into this subject more, I just want to tell you a little about where I am coming from. 

I guess, I have throughout the years been fairly careful about how I dress especially when going out, but there have been times in my life that I have not taken as much care as I should have done. 

From the time I was a teenager, I have on the whole worn long skirts and/or dresses which I have felt more comfortable wearing. Yes I have also throughout the years worn jeans. But there have also been occasions in the last nine years that I have worn shorter skirts  and one I particular remember ended up being knee length! A dress that an ex boyfriend bought me which was again to my knees and this had very thin straps. The dress was quite expensive but on the couple of occasions I wore this to special functions, I felt uncomfortable, insecure and I felt exposed (which I wasn’t), but this is how I felt and I didn’t wear this because I wanted too! After my boyfriend and I split, I think I vaguely remember taking the scissors to this dress as I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

Again with the skirt that ended up being knee length, when I purchased this skirt, the length was almost to my ankles and then there was an acquaintance who decided that they had had enough of seeing me going out all the time in long skirts and hence took the scissors to this, sewed a short hem and I was not at all happy. Again, this skirt and I parted company some time later and it was about four – five years ago that this skirt ended up in the trash.

That was the last time that I have worn skirts or dresses that have been practically near enough above ankle length (some dresses/skirts may be an inch or so above my ankles but certainly no more).  I feel more comfortable wearing clothing that is this length and I also feel more feminine.

I have throughout the years, sadly, not given as much consideration to tops and I have worn tops that have had very thin straps etc but otherwise fairly modest but on the whole it is strange that I would be happy enough to go out on a daily basis not worrying too much about the tops etc that I wore but when it came to church I would on the whole cover myself up more – hmmm, something wrong here!

About five years ago I started  to read through modesty issues on Mom of 9s place, I was not happy and wondered where this lady was coming from and then I felt the Lord starting to speak to me in regards to my clothing. I felt Him remind me about the fact that I would be happy enough to wear certain types of clothing in “every day life” but when it came to church, I would wear clothing that basically, would add more cover. I then started going through my wardrobe and threw out various tops, and some skirts that were long but had splits in them, again I didn’t feel comfortable wearing these skirts and anything else that I felt wasn’t right. But I still kept a couple of tops to wear around the home where no-one could see me – hmmm, wrong!

I have used these tops for exercise but you never know when you are going to receive that “unexpected” visitor or the postman who has a parcel for you – and when this has happened, I have put a shawl around my shoulders to make myself more presentable. Guess what, these few tops that I have left are going in the trash.

The Lord is still speaking to me in regards to Jeans (I don’t wear trousers) so this is I guess another subject.  I have purchased quite a few pieces of clothing now that are modest and I feel so much more comfortable and as I mentioned earlier, feminine and this also makes a difference when outside.  People are, I have noticed more courteous, friendly and to the point of opening doors etc for you………

I do feel strongly though, that sadly this is an area again, as I said earlier that is lacking teaching in the churches of today and an area that Pastors, Elders and teachers need to take a serious look at!

Wearing more modest and feminine clothing:

v     Does this make me more “holier than thou” – no of course not

v     Does this make me look better than others – no of course not

v     Am I saying that all young girls and women are to choose to dress the same way I do – no but I do feel that we do need to be an example to others on how we are to present ourselves on the outside (as well as on the inside of course) not only to the Lord, but, to the world too!

I know that I am being obedient to the Lord and I also know that going down this road is His will for me and Yes, he has more changes to make in my life in this area but I am so thankful for the path that He is leading me down now.

Every Blessing,