Reflector Of Your Life

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Reflector Of Your Life

A crown of beauty,

A thorn of ashes

I have loved You,

With an everlasting love

A sister of mercy

A daughter of grace

I created you to be

All That I want you to be

A precious jewel

A work of art

All that I give you

Is all that I have

A gentle spirit

A heart so pure

Full of tenderness and

Filled with love

Through times of pain

Loneliness, despair

Your spirit wounded, crushed

Broken beyond repair

I will wipe away your tears

Take away your fears

Pick you up and carry you through

And give you back joy in all that you do

For I am Your Father, Husband & Friend

Who will be with You right to the end

For I created you in my sight

I am the reflector of your life

Copyright Page: Nov 2005

Every Blessing,