What can I do for you today?

Thursday, 24 May 2018

What can I do for you today
For you Lord I want you to have your way
Whatever you ask of me is my one desire
Baptise me with water, baptise me with fire
For you O Lord I will forsake everything
Even if it means to die for you this may be a scary thing
But I will do whatever you want me to my Lord

What can I do for you today
For you are the last one to have your say
In all of my ways no matter what the future holds
I just want to reach out to you and for me to be bold
And to step up to the front line
And with every single breath I bind
Myself from the depths of Satan’s fold

What can I do for you today
Even now I can feel your Son’s rays
Shining down on me everywhere I go
My love for you is strong which you must know
But it could be stronger
And I shouldn’t need any longer
For me to fall down on my knees to you my king

What can I do for you today
I know I have a deep longing to bow down and pray
So, onto my knees I go as I sink to the floor
You have given your love for me through an open door
Please help me reach out to you
Especially through all you’ve been through
I long to draw closer to you Abba Father

What can I do for you today
I trust my voice singing out to you is more than ok
I struggle with words sometimes you must know
Even putting sentences together all in a row
Can be hard when I can’t think
With you there are no hidden links
Crying out to you is sometimes difficult to bare

What can I do for you today
I long to be still and do more than just obey
I can feel you in the stillness of the night
And in the mornings when the sun is bright
I would draw out to you my last breath
I know you may put me to the test
But I so long to be in your presence and to be still
Copyright: Page Alexanda May 2018

Every Blessing,

Amazing Grace

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

I hear heaven calling somewhere in the distance
Right now, I can alone feel your very existence
The air that I breathe around you is so sweet
I am sure that others around can hear my heart beat
Can you not see, can you not hear the thunder?
All I desire to do is to you my life surrender
It’s all for you
Everything is for you alone
I long to sit beside your throne

I sometimes feel like a wandering lost soul
Whereby sometimes life for me has taken its toll
But still I carry on moving forward in the rain
I feel like a lion that is waiting to be tamed
I can’t carry everyone’s burdens on my shoulders
But I know you once carried some mighty big boulders
You took it all
For every single man you took it all
Whereby you paid the full cost of our sins

Moving swiftly on I think back to many years ago
Whereby I was then lost for you I didn’t know
I was so naïve and sometimes at a loss for words
Whereby I longed to be free and single like a bird
I looked at other faiths and hence was looking for something
And every single year I just carried on hunting
To know the truth
I thereby needed to know the truth
And to be set free from all that was going on inside

I finally found you at last back when things went wrong
I just knew in the end that with you is where I belonged
It took a very long time for me to face harsh reality
You wanted to save me from the earth’s calamity
The price for me was so hard to pay back then
Until I knew that for me your Son Jesus you sent
To set me free
All you wanted was to set me free
And be the person you paid who paid the price for me

You knew me before I was a seed in my mother’s womb
I guess you knew that for you in my heart there was room
For love to grow so steadily so strongly
I needed to step out in faith and go out boldly
To take you deep inside this heart of mine that was raw
From heaven’s gates whereby, everything you saw
Was for your desire
My love for you was your desire
To enter your throne room was at your core

Now I can run as free as a bird in the sky
I no longer need to doubt, and I no longer need to lie
To myself for on your shoulders you took my pain
For me to follow you was for me the only way
Otherwise who knows where I might have ended up
Perhaps lost forever or lying dead in a bath tub
You knew my heart
Yes, Lord always you knew my heart
For by faith I am saved, and grace has set me free indeed
Copyright: Page Alexanda May 2018

Every Blessing,

I fall down on my knees

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Standing alone down by the shore
Watching, waiting wishing for more
Wanting you to take hold of me now
So, do I fall down on my knees or take a bow

I lift up holy hands and call upon your name
Crying, whispering I need you if it’s all the same
Wanting you to hear my cry even in the dark
Faintly in the distance somewhere I can hear a dog bark

Shuffling my feet along in the softness of the sand
You are Lord of all the sea, creatures and of man
The wind is throwing a gentle breeze my way
And I feel that here at least you will have your say

For now, I am content just to listen to you speak
As I wait I can’t seem to talk let alone squeak
Your presence is here right in this place
I can feel your love and your overflowing grace

I then feel an urge to fall down onto my knees
With tears streaming down my face I can hardly breathe
Your presence, your Holy Spirit is so strong
I know that with you deep down is where I belong

I can hear hardly a soul or let alone a pin drop
Anyone walking by me would possibly stop
And wonder if I had gone insane
They would have no idea my love for you remains

I am on my knees I have no idea for how long
But your beautiful presence around me is so strong
I can’t bear to move I so love to feel you near
Whispering, breathing down into my ears

As I wait I can feel raindrops falling down my back
I smile and laugh and realise that I have nothing to lack
For with you I have everything I need, my heart’s desire
Your nearness is so strong this feels like Holy fire

The rain starts pouring down, but I don’t care
I can even feel the rain drops running through my hair
I close my eyes and start to praise you more
I feel it important for you to know it is you that I adore

I stand up with arms outstretched I start to dance
The shoreline empty no one would give me a second glance
All I long for and need is the very presence of you Lord
I can feel you deep down cutting through the core

I keep smiling and give out a mighty shout
I don’t care for as far as I can tell not a single soul is about
I stop and take a look out at the sea beyond
I know that between you and me there is a deep bond
Copyright: Page Alexanda May 2018

Every Blessing,

How I love to worship

Thursday, 17 May 2018

I will follow you all my days
I will follow you in every single way
For you are good
I would worship you all day if I could
For I love to sing my praises to you

Today is a new day dawning
This is first thing in the morning
Whereby I look to all you do
Whereby I hold to your truth
For I love to sing my praises unto you

I can dance away to my delight
Whereby with you I can take flight
For you are perfection
Right before the time of your resurrection
For I love to sing my praises unto you

Awesome are you in all your glory
You are sweeter than any pot pourri
I will cling unto your name
To worship you totally is my aim
For I love to sing my praises unto you

For I am not ashamed of the gospel
For Jesus you alone are the perfect role model
You alone came down to earth
Where you alone covered a wide birth
For I love to sing my praises unto you

You are the Holy of all Holies
Where to your throne I come boldly
Without any shame
Worshipping you is not a game
For I love to sing my praises unto you

My forever faithful friend
Whereby very little offends
I desire to call upon you Lord
Where like an eagle you have soared
For I love to sing my praises unto you

For you are worthy to be praised
For you desire everyone to be saved
You alone are my one desire
To dream and with a longing to aspire
For I love to sing my praises unto you in all I do
Copyright: Page Alexanda May 2018

Every Blessing,

Called to worship

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Worship is much more than a song
It is a sense of being and where I belong
For Jesus calls for us to open our hearts
Where the word of truth is and will not depart
And is for every single one
Who desires to worship The Son

From early in the morning
Just when the sun is dawning
You can be still for more than a few seconds
And whereby you can learn life’s lessons
From when the sun sets in the evening
Whereby you can even get some healing

Worship comes in many different forms
Where for believers to worship is the norm
Whether you lift up your voices to heaven
From Australia back down to Devon
This is not a gift for only certain people
Nor is this to be done only in a church with a steeple

You can be home or even at work
Where worship is not to be shirked
It is to come from your innermost being
From adults down to babes who are still teething
For when you first came to know God
worship doesn’t have your stomach tied up in knots

You can be as expressive as you like
And worship even whilst riding a bike
By singing or praying it doesn’t matter
But God loves it when to him you chatter
You can bow down on bended knee
Or lie on the floor and just simply be

Worship is showing God love and respect
if you don’t do this each day then you may feel wrecked
Worship does not wait for an emotion or feeling
But it can if you desire it give you great healing
Your act of worship is to become a daily routine
From God’s Holy Bible, His Words you can but glean

Being still and waiting on the Holy Spirit
What are you waiting for simply just do it
With your hands held high in the air
With all of your being your heart you simply bare
For there is nothing sweeter than being in his presence
Where you can smell the perfume of His pure essence
Copyright: Page Alexanda May 2018

Every Blessing,

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Every Blessing,

Beauty for ashes - taken from Isaiah 61

Sunday, 13 May 2018

The spirit of the Lord is upon me
Not just for ever and a day but for all to see
Inside many are broken
And they have nowhere to hide
But God sees their heart inside

Many are crumbled up in pain
Whereby they have nothing left to gain
They are hurting deep down
They can’t seem to find a way out
All they seem is to have many doubts

Their souls are crying out to God
They feel like He has an iron rod
Fighting against them all the time
How can they break away from this chain?
They have nothing to lose and all to gain

People are in a state of mourning
Whereby they see their lives as boring
There is no fast lane forward
So many souls are broken hearted
The road ahead of them has not been parted

The spirit of life is for everyone
Jesus sent to those in pain His only Son
He is the giver of life
His Holy Spirit is upon each of you today
For God’s given Son is the only way

So, Give to Him your aches and pains
For Jesus he has the very last say
He will give the crown the beauty for ashes
Forever He will take all the hurt away
And this will be for always and a day

He will give festive praise instead of despair
And this is for every one of you who cares
No more turning around to look back
For looking forward is what you need to do
For He came to save this world for me and you

He is the God who believes in Justice
All of His values are put into practise
For He is a God of His Word
Instead of shame and dishonour
You will enjoy measures of honour

You will possess a double portion in this land
And for you everything will turn out just so grand
He faithfully rewards those who suffer
And to all souls near and wide he will be testing
But for everyone He desires to give his blessing
Copyright: Page Alexanda May 2018

Every Blessing,