Jesus Birth

Saturday, 23 December 2017

It’s that time of year again
When we remember Jesus Birth
It was a day to remember
When he came to be on this earth

A day full of wonder
With tons of stars in the sky
A time of miracles and hope
And a special birth none could deny

Twas the reason for the season
When plans came together
And a time which everyone
In the world would remember

With it brought peace and joy
To those all around the globe
A special delivery of this tiny baby
Brought nothing but hope

Hope and joy filled the air
With the wonder of this tiny baby
Whereby in later years through him
People would give their lives just maybe

He grew up to be the Son of God
Bringing good news to all those around
And in which he would give his life
For those who knew no bounds

He was the almighty, the Holy One
If only everyone could see
Changing lives forever
He was the answer, the only key

Through this precious life
Seeds were sown throughout the land
People would cry out for more of him
Because of Him, the people were glad

So if you don’t know Jesus
And the wonders and hope he brings
Then I urge you to follow him now
Forever he is and will be our one true king

Copyright: Page Alexanda December 2017

How I long for you

Sunday, 5 November 2017

How I long for you to envelope me
To be in your presence day by day
Struck by your awesomeness and
To be renewed no matter what
Comes my way

I long to become deeper still
to fall down on my knees
knowing you are at the centre
for only you alone my heart
could fill

I desire to be in prayer often
To be able to talk with you
And listen to the voice
Who regularly calls out my name
my heart softens

I don’t deserve to be near you
To be enveloped in your arms
Do I have the right to call you Lord?
I fail so miserably always
In all I do

There are times I find it so hard
To be near you to even feel your
Presence no matter what I do
My soul thirst for you, longs for you
This isn’t a fa├žade

I so desire to learn all your ways
To become so enthralled in
Your company, what more could I ask
Than to be enveloped often
In your embrace

So I turn to you with a heavy heart
And crying deep within my soul
Abba Father, hear me when I call
Only to me alone could you
Alone possibly impart

Your voice of wisdom is all I ask
To reach deep inside me whenever
I call upon your name even though
This maybe sometimes be in vain
I want this to last

So more and more I long to
Fall down on my knees
To be more than to just simply be
So I call out to you in all and
Everything I do

Copyright: Page Alexanda 2017

Grannie Annie

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

This poem is about a wonderful lady so dear
If only she could listen and maybe just hear
The things that people love about her just so
She had so many friends but as I recall no foe’s
So down to earth and lovely to behold
There was more to her than just her weight in gold

You were the rock to which everyone turned
Your God helped you through everything you had learned
Though you were happy in all that you did
There was nothing whereby you wanted to get rid
The days seemed always brighter with you around
You were no fool and you were nobody’s clown

You loved playing the piano and organ which you did so well
You were the top of your league and people thought you were swell
You were slow to anger and so rich in love
Your love shined through so richly empowered from above
Peacemaker so thoughtful and so true
There was nothing it seemed, no nothing you couldn’t do

You shined far above others who put you to various tests
Your faith was your stronghold and now is your ultimate rest
Granny Annie you were known by from those far and wide
There was not a soul out there, no, no one you couldn’t abide
You were modest throughout your life for all to see
You deserve to be happy now, and you had everything down to a T.

You were there for everyone’s needs
I remember you wearing your many colourful beads
Dressed always so smartly wherever you went
You were always so happy and more than content
You were a wife, mother, grandmother and friend
You stood alongside everyone right to the end

May you be at peace now my friend so dear
For you are one person to whom I adhered
You were there for all of my needs
You were indeed a friend so rich who sowed so many seeds
I am so honoured to have been a tiny part of your life
Now where you are may there no longer be any pain or strife
Copyright: Page Alexanda 2017