Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Days are fine when there is plenty to do
And this can be ok when it is all the year through
With people to see and places to go
You can even go down by the canal and watch the punters row
No matter what life can be fun
So why does it feel like that at times I need to run

There is an air of expectation in whatever you do
And sometimes circumstances just come out of the blue
But you can still feel lonely when you have tons of friends
Being on your lonesome can if you let it send you round the bend
But I guess you have to put your best foot forward
You can be lonely from Penzance to Norwood

Winter can be a funny month and weary at that
It is ok for some creatures as they hibernate such as bats
You feel like spending most of the winter months in your bed
Just feeling the warmth of the covers so what more can be said
But hiding away does you no good at all
So why not get out and have fun at a ball

Evenings are the worst whereby you feel less content
And these are the times that I often need to vent
Or have company over so that we can sit and chat
Or to even have pets to cuddle up to such as a dog or a cat
There are difficult moments quite often when I don’t feel right
But I know in my heart of hearts that friends don’t bite

I need to change my thought process this I know
But sometimes I am not sure whether my contacts are friends or foes
As there are times when words can become misconstrued
And it is times like these I become hurt and confused
So, it is better to make friends who are going to stick around
And as you get to know them over time I am sure they’ll be sound

But even so there are sometimes feelings of deep despair
Whereby I feel that no one in the world even God doesn’t care
But I am sure that this is not in the least bit true and a lie
And there are simply times at that where I purely get by
Life is not an easy road and there are many bumps ahead
But my faith does when I let it help me get through instead

I have a vivid imagination and I can be caught daydreaming a lot
And quite often there are times and events on my mind I will blot
It is really tough going sometimes when you feel so unwell
And nothing at all makes sense nor does it become clear as a bell
But one thing that should stick by me is my faith which is important
And this should not be put on the shelf or made to feel dormant

There is nothing in life that can quite happen by chance
And I should not look in the distance but give things a second glance
I do things without thinking and can get myself into a stew
But I know with my faith and trust in you Lord I couldn’t do without you
For you have known me and stuck around me through thick and thin
For my story has not long begun and I know through you that I can win
Copyright: Page Alexanda July 2018

Every Blessing,


Monday, 16 July 2018

Psalty was my beautiful puppy but sadly he had to go to a new home of which he is very happy with his new family but I still miss him. I wrote the poem on this video 4 months ago.

Every Blessing,

Sometimes life just happens!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Some days go so slowly by and some just race
But other times I just feel the need to go my own pace
With little around to distract me at this hour
Things around me could seem a little dower
But even so I will try not to let things get me down
But this never happens when you are around

The beauty of life at times seems so awesome
But other days this can turn around and be rawesome
With so little to do and may places to go and see
I just wish someone so kindly would give me a key
So that I could go and unlock the door ahead
But I guess I could lay on the grass and day dream instead

How much farther can I travel whilst feeling like this
When my days ahead should be filled with heavenly bliss
I can’t seem to shake this fear that something could go wrong
I just need a sense of longing and some place where I’ll belong
But on the other side of this wilderness there is plenty to do
And up above are the birds in the trees who simply go coo

So, what should I do and where at this hour should I go
Maybe I need to take things at a fast place or even go slow
The world is my oyster and there is so much fun ahead
It is better than being at home and simply lying in my bed
For this is a lonely place sometimes if you just let it
But I could take this day apart and do that bit by bit

For there is plenty to keep me busy and occupied either way
For you at the end Lord of my day you have the final say
For you do not want me daydream away the hours at my heart’s content
My life you have started, and you will finish for you have been heaven sent
But nothing seems as simple as the plans you have for me
There are days I want to wander off and to quite simply flee

Everyone has something to do in life whether they like it or not
And some even prefer to not be around and just purely rot
But this is not your task for those who call on your name
For we are to look forward and to not you or anyone blame
So, with a resounding fire burning deep within our souls
For would it not be better to run with you than walk on hot coals

So, without further a do let us shake off the dust from our shoes
And get rid of those cobwebs and those untimely wintery blues
For now, is not the time to become melancholy or subdued
It is becoming cold outside now and the air appears to be blue
Why don’t we head inside where we can feel the sun’s rays?
And we can listen to sermons or read His Word for He alone gives us faith
Copyright: Page Alexanda July 2018

Every Blessing,

If I could just see your face Lord

Saturday, 14 July 2018

If I could just see your face Lord
I would love to give you a big embrace
To show my love for you
And to be in your holy presence
Forever more and a day Lord

If I could just see your face Lord
And to be able to bow down now
And to dance before your throne
And to give you my all
In your presence, Oh God

If I could just see your face Lord
I would be touching your grace
Just to be intertwined with your love
What more could I ask for Lord
Above all else I just desire to feel you near

If I could just see your face Lord
For you are a righteous God
And most Holy and lovely of all
So awesome are you beyond words
For you are the lover of my soul

If I could just see your face Lord
For you are the song of all songs
And you embrace me with your love
And I can call upon your name
For you are my love Dear Lord

If I could just see your face Lord
Nothing will compare to you my love
For you are greater than all things
And I rest in the shelter of your wings
For I long to sing to you and shout your name

If I could just see your face Lord
Your name is much sweeter than any name
And I long to reach out to you when I can
And to take your hand and hold on tight
For you are my lover of all time

If I could just see your face Lord
For you lead me beside quiet waters
For your dear name’s sake
You guide me in paths of righteousness
Yeshua is your name on high

If I could just see your face Lord
For you are with me always
You prepare a table before me
You anoint my head with oil
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me

If I could just see your face Lord
For all creation cries out to you
You are beautiful beyond words
And you are mighty and strong
And one day all will bow before you
Copyright: Page Alexanda July 2018

Every Blessing,

My personal Testimony July 2018

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Every Blessing,

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Every Blessing,

My amazing God

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

You are the lover of my soul
And my love for you is deep and this is my role
I want to bring to you everything I can
For there is nothing from me that is banned

I know I am the apple of your eye
I can see for miles around and look up at the sky
I want to know you much more intimately
This is a love for me that goes so deeply

I am not content just to hear your voice
But I want to shout out your name and rejoice
For you are as I said everything to me
And all I have to do is to simply believe

Your grace is more than sufficient
For you are all loving and all omniscient
What more could I ask for you to do
I know that my love for you still feels new

Even though I have been saved many years
There are many times I cry out to you and shed tears
For you are so gracious and kind at that
I know sometimes I can act like a brat

I know I shouldn’t act in this way
And I need your forgiveness what more can I say
There are times that I need to keep myself in check
But with you I do desire to wander further and to trek

For your love is so great and this is my one desire
For you alone set my heart which is on fire
I am thirsty and hungry for you please know this
If I could I would do anything for you and there would be no risk

So, I ask what can I do for you my beautiful king
To reach out to you even further what can I bring
You are so special my heart just flutters
When I spend time with you there are so many words I want to utter

Time with you is definitely and infinitely well spent
And I know in your presence there are times I feel unkempt
But even still I love you so much more than words can tell
And you have me completely and utterly under your spell

These feelings of mine go so much beyond words
And I feel like flying with joy just like the birds
I want to be around you all of the time
I realise with you that I am very much in my prime

So, my awesome wonderful and amazing God
With you I don’t want to be alone and spend time on my todd
For you know that time spent sleeping when I should be awake
For so much do I want to spend time with you that my heart surely aches
Copyright: Page Alexanda July 2018

Every Blessing,

Thirsty For You

Monday, 9 July 2018

I am thirsty to know you more
I don’t think I have felt like this before
The times I have wasted just playing around
I would cry tears without making a single sound
My mood would fluctuate at times
And the walls I would feel I wanted to climb

My desire to be in your sweet presence
I want to feel your deep full resonance
Sometimes things stop me from doing this
And quite often I would simply resist
But only you alone can quench my thirst
And now I feel your longing I feel I could burst

Without a shadow of a doubt I know you are near
But there are still elements of unknown fear
I don’t know why I have taken to feeling this way
I know at the end of the day you will just have your say
For you are all knowing, and all seeing and gentle at that
So, I reach out to you in my chair of which I am sat

Reading my devotions from the group lamp and light
These keep me going and you are far from out of sight
The verses speak to me as I read through the morning
And sometimes I read them when the sun is just dawning
There is something so special about being in Your Word
But having just wakened I know I need to remain alert

I can hear the birds singing as the early sun arises
And I know I am not full of so many surprises
For to reach out to you in the early morn keeps me going
For it is the tiny mustard seeds in me that you are sowing
For having been unable to reach out to you sometimes
And I hate to admit reading Your Word has been such a bind

But thank goodness this is just a small spell I went through
For I believe that you have got me this far in all that I do
I realise that everyone goes through spells of silence
And I know that you are a God that is not a tyrant
For you are loving and kind and so wonderful too
For it is my heart that you are simply trying to woo

I guess I am not faultless and I have issues somewhat
But when I gave my life to you I signed on the dot
For you are with me every single step of the day
For some things in my life I need to but aside lay
You know me inside out and have always put me first
For you I am hungry and really eager to thirst

It feels when I speak to you alone first thing
It is my heart and soul to you I want to bring
For there is no other God that is simply the best
And I know that there are times that you put me to the test
For you only have your best interest for me
I am longing to hear you and longing to see
And feel you near when I least expect it
There are times that to feel your presence I kneel or sit

For there is a purpose that you desire to bring
And that is for me to be still or to your praises sing
You are wonderful, faithful and an all-knowing God
And you do not as some think come with an iron rod
But I love you dearly and You are definitely not a bore
and you have wings like the eagles that are ready to sore
Copyright: Page Alexanda July 2018

Every Blessing,

In Over My Head - Bethel Music

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Every Blessing,

VLOG my shopping spree at the garden centre

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Every Blessing,

A poem and colour coding my bible July 2018

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Every Blessing,

A beautiful morning

Saturday, 7 July 2018

I can feel the rushing of the wind in my ears
Sometimes the sound can bring me to tears
On the seafront sometimes it appears so calm
There is nothing here that causes me alarm
But the gentle whisper of heaven abounds
But all I can hear is the wind with its varying sounds

I just try to focus on the here and the now
Maybe I can stay here a little longer if time will allow
The sun is just rising and there is a special glow
There is no need for me to have feelings of being so low
The sun in the sky cheers me up no end
And I no longer have the thought of going round the bend

I can hear the seagulls cry from up above
As the swirling of seagulls is something that I love
But now my thoughts seem to wander from afar
And I can hear in the distance the sound of a car
It seems far enough away and out of reach
So, I can focus on the here and now on this beach

There is plenty to do here and fishermen are in their boats
I just pray that they will be able to stay afloat
As they are fishing for mackerel, crabs and all kinds of fish
Which when caught will sometime today end up on someone’s dish
The waves are so gentle and calm in this early morning
There is nothing at all here in the least that seems boring

The sea is so majestic and the tide is so far out
It is beautiful here and I have certainly no need to doubt
The thoughts that are racing through my head sometimes
Can sometimes be awful but then they can be sublime
So, caught up am I in my own little world
There are stones on the beach into the sea I just want to hurl

I take off my sandals and walk through the soft sand
I have this and I can face the day ahead I know that I can
For here there is nothing to worry or be anxious about
I can take a different direction if I want or a different route
I can see for miles and the scenery is so calm and cool
And not far ahead I can see ice cream parlours and I begin to drool

I don’t care if anyone believes I am just wasting time
But here wherever I go everyone seems so very kind
As they go about their business throughout this part of the day
The people are walking slowly as they go on their way
To breakfast perhaps the smell of bacon smells so good
Or to sit on the deckchairs and most have hoods

I decide to sit down and take in this wonderful scene
A good fry up sounds delicious and I am very keen
For the food is so good here and everyone eats plenty
My stomach makes hungry noises and I feel I am ready
To sit down to a good hearty meal which sounds a delight
My stomach is so hungry that I give up the fight

With breakfast over I feel full to my heart’s content
Now for a cool drink of something seems heaven sent
So, I wander off in search of something to drink
With this hot weather drinks get sold before you can blink
So, what more can I say to add to this story of mine
I will just head off now to see what delights on the beach I can find
Copyright Page Alexanda July 2018

Every Blessing,