You are not on your own....

Friday, 15 June 2018

Can you hear me calling you?
This is not sudden or out of the blue
But this has been going on for quite awhile
And I have your records hidden in a file
Way up where you can’t reach them
For these records are like hidden gems

You have been very busy of late
And I am pleased there is no one that you hate
For love is the key to every single thing
For my every word I need you to do more than cling
For my word should be hidden in your heart
For unto you alone this is what I will impart

You are to be slow to anger and rich in love
As my riches come down to you from up above
Please note that you are to hold onto my every word
For it is not every day that from me you will have heard
So, do not be downcast or have feelings of sorrow
There is always another day and yes there is tomorrow

When you don’t think I hear you I can assure you I do
For this goes without saying and so this is true
I want you to listen to me speak to your soul
For this is meant of me and this is my role
To talk to you when you least expect it
So, for this I want you to be still and to just sit

I have many things to talk to you about day to day
Please do me the honour and let me have my say
My words are important and so very true to hand
There is nothing that I will tell you that will be banned
For my tongue will not tell tales but will speak the truth
And nothing I will say to you will appear uncouth

My angels are watching over you as I speak
They are not very far away, and they are within easy reach
For they are armed ready for you to do battle
They will look out for you with the least amount of hassle
They are courageous and strong and very bold
They will not leave you out of the loop or the cold

I can assure you that I do not at all mince my words
But you have my very word that for Satan he is cursed
Because you belong to me as my very own child
You can fight battles around you and perhaps go wild
For Satan is defeated he has not won this war
And I have told you this over and over before

So, go out there be vigorous and at least be strong
For it is known to all that to me you belong
I will fight tooth and nail for you do not have fear
Your very heart is mine and to which I hold dear
Heaven is waiting for you when it is time for you to come home
Just remember my child that you are not on your own
Copyright: Page Alexanda June 2018

Every Blessing,

Time to go home

Monday, 11 June 2018

She was just sitting on the beach alone
Wondering when her mother would take her home
For it was getting a little late to be out
Maybe from a distance she could hear her mother shout
Calling out her name
Be it just the same
Another hour just gone by it was time to go

Slowly she gathered up her things
Including around her the many rings
Which she has picked up over the last few days
But now she could feel the sun’s stormy rays
It was time to leave
She wiped the tears away with her sleeve
Oh, why now of all the days

Why did things happen when you least expected?
She just wanted to carry on sitting down so her feet could be rested
But alas it was time to get moving
Oh, the sun on her face is so soothing
She just wanted to be let be
So at least to look out at the sea
But no, it was time to get moving now

Things don’t always happen quickly
There are times she just feels so sickly
but other times she feels just fine
She didn’t want to get out of line
So, I guess she will just go with the flow
It isn’t that easy, so you know
But hey, she is just finding her way

Where or where has the time gone
Maybe it was time to look out and beyond
The scenery that she was so used too
Perhaps it was time to move to somewhere cool
Manhattan maybe or even Montreal?
She wanted to be treated as nobody’s fool
Peace and quiet was all that she really longed for

She followed after her mother’s footsteps
There were occasions when she felt a little bereft
But onwards and upwards was what lay ahead
She couldn’t wait to climb into her bed
For tired and sleepy from the day in the sun
So, she untied her hair which was held up in a bun
And hurried on homewards to her safe little nest
Copyright Page Alexanda June 2018

Every Blessing,

Ye old antique shop

Monday, 11 June 2018

This is a short fictional story for faithwriters

This time in my life was going fine but I really needed something to occupy me - nothing much but just about three mornings a week. So, I thought I would look for a part time job but I did not know what field I wanted to work in. I lived in a beautiful small town in Devon which was full of old and antiquated antique shops as well as shops selling lace and all kinds of interesting book stores and such. I often loved wandering the streets of this small interesting town and I specially loved looking at the books which were from years gone by and still in their original state. Some of these book stores were down kind of hidley pidley corridors where you had to weave in and out of other interesting items that were for sale.
After spending some time looking around I thought I would wander over to one of the antique places as I was looking for a rocking chair for my bedroom. There was one particular store that I was interested in which was quite antiquated and I had been in there lots of times before just to browse. 

This time I knew I had a purpose and so off to the other side of the cobbled street I went.
Country Antiques was the name of the shop. As I drew nearer I noticed a sign on the window saying staff wanted and this caught my interest, so I read on. The manager was looking for sales staff three mornings a week – hmmm interesting. Well this was right up my street and thankfully I had my resume with me which I always kept a couple of copies in my purse as you never knew when one might be needed. I walked into the store and had a look around quickly. There were antiques everywhere and some items were also askew and looked as if they might topple over at any moment. Anyways, I went to the main desk where the Manager was whom I knew and told him I was interested in the vacancy. He said that he was only thinking about me that morning when he put the notice up on the window and was thinking about giving me a call. Well I had obviously saved him the bother. I gave him my resume which he looked through quickly. He said as he knew me that he felt I would be the right person for the job and offered it to me there on the spot.

The hours would be 9am – 1pm whereby I would just be telling customers about the various pieces of antiques he had in store including many interesting pieces of Jewelry. He asked if I could start the following Monday of which I said yes that was perfect. I was about to leave the store when I remembered why I had gone there in the first place. So, I went back to the Manager and asked if he had a rocking chair for sale of which he replied he did. He took me through some corridors to a small room at the back where just sat there was a beautifully carved wooden rocking chair which looked perfect. Well of course I had to try it out, so I did.  The chair was perfect and just what I was looking for and the price was just right too.

I told the manager that I wanted it and he said great and even lowered the price down for me which was an added bonus. He said he would arrange to have it delivered to me free of charge that very afternoon. Excellent, I thought and was mentally going through my mind as to where exactly in my bedroom I was going to put it.

So, all in all it had been a very productive morning for not only had I purchased a rocking chair but I had also secured myself a job into the bargain. I stopped for a moment and quietly thanked God for helping me that morning and I just marveled over the fact that He had answered both my prayers in the space of an hour.
Copyright: Page Alexanda June 2018

Every Blessing,

Planner Tour June 2018

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Here is my planner tour for this month - enjoy :)

Every Blessing,

I put my trust in you alone....

Saturday, 9 June 2018

I put my trust in you alone
For your seeds into my life you have sewn
And I feel loved, yes very loved
For you are my Saviour from above
I can feel you near me
In you I just want to just simply be
For I put my trust in you alone

There is nowhere I can hide
To be apart from you I couldn’t abide
For you are good, yes so good
And I know I don’t always behave like I should
But you are so very patient
There are times that I feel quite ancient
But there is nowhere I can hide

You welcome me with open arms
And with you I have no qualms
I just so desire to enter into your presence
Whereby I can smell your very essence
A sweet aroma in the air
A smell so pleasing I want to share
Yes, you welcome me with open arms

You have a calling upon my life
Even though it is filled with troubles and strife
But still you have a work for me to do
And all I desire is to follow you
This is my desire, yes this is my desire
I have deep within me a burning fire
For you have a calling upon my life

With you I feel so blessed inside
And there is nowhere that I can hide
For you have always had my back
There is nothing from you that I lack
I am free indeed, yes, I am free
And as happy as a honey bee
For with you I feel so blessed inside

I could talk about your love all day long
For with you I can do no wrong
For your love for me is deep to the core
Just as my love for you is very sound and very raw
I just hate it when I at times don’t do things your way
But at the end of the day you have your say
And Yes, I could talk about your love all day long

You love me no matter what
For my sins you have since forgot
But even so I slip up every day
And sometimes my feelings I keep at bay
But you turn me back to where I belong
And your melody I turn sometimes into a song
But you love me no matter what
Copyright: Page Alexanda June 2018

Every Blessing,

The KJV verses the NIV Bible

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Ok the above video may not go down very well with some of you especially if you are a fan of the New International Version of the Bible. Please listen to what I have to say as there is a lot of error in the newer bibles of today and several verses have been omitted from a lot of bibles.

Every Blessing,

Poem - I fall down on my knees

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Every Blessing,