You Are Worthy To Be Praised

Sunday, 9 October 2016

O Lord You have searched me
And know my innermost being
You know me inside out
So there is no point fleeing
From Your presence
From Your beauty
You are acquainted with all my ways

O Lord You are mighty
And laid Your hand upon me
From before the beginning
You knew everything this I see
So where can I go
So where can I hide
Your presence so incredible beyond belief

O Lord You are praise worthy
I lift my hands to You
No matter what life throws my way
I will worship You in all that I do
I bow down before You
Worship and adore You
Your presence is like nectar, so sweet

O Lord marvelous are Your works
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
How precious are Your thoughts
Towards me Lord every single day
Search my heart O God
You know me inside out
So lead me in Thy ways everlasting

How precious are You O Lord
I am high and lifted up
How subtle are Your ways
You are worthy to be praised
Taken from Psalm 139
Copyright: Page Alexanda 2016

Every Blessing,