It Feels Like Only Yesterday

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

It Feels Like Only Yesterday
It feels like only yesterday
That we were together
And I thought this was meant to be
But how wrong could I be
The thought of you and me
Into the distance memories fade away

The path we were on so broken
Now take a look at us
The love we once shared now shattered
Now nothing really matters
My self esteem in tatters
Moving forward seems so hard to do

How did this happen I wonder?
Now just an empty road
I just cant seem to just let go
The gentle whispers in my ear
I cant feel them but I can still hear
It feels like only yesterday

A love that once was so strong
It felt so right together
Even though we shed tears and laughter
It was for me happy ever after
We could sail away on rafters
Forever and a day, just together

I guess the damage has been done
Our paths no longer cross
I’m lost for words, what can I say
No going back, there is no way
Time to go forward from today
From a distance, you’ll soon be a memory

How did this happen I wonder?
Where did our love go wrong?
Now it’s just an empty song
I know every story has a reason
I now need to put all my trust in Jesus
No more yesterday’s, my only hope is in today

Copyright Page Alexanda January 2016

Every Blessing,