Those who are willing

Friday, 1 January 2016

Those who are willing
To wait upon me
Will gain their new strength
From the love that I breathe
They will fly high
With the wings of a bird
Rush like the wind
With the power of my Word
Stirred up inside
With nothing to hide
No longer ashamed
Delivered from pain

Are you now willing
To give me a chance
For life I have given
Was planned in advance
Your weakness I'll take
And give you back strength
Enough to uphold you
In future events
 I am the God
Who lovingly cares
And I'll take you to
The place I've prepared

The Kingdom of Heaven
Is that dwelling place
From which flows the river
Of mercy and grace
Until the time comes
To call you by name
Rest in my presence
And you will remain
Saved by the blood
A prisoner set free
Willing to serve
And wait upon Me

© Copyright Page Alexanda

Every Blessing,