Spring in the garden 2016

Saturday, 14 May 2016

We are now in full Spring and here a couple of photos of two of the apple trees in full bloom which is great but I am not sure if all of the trees in the garden are going to produce fruit this year so we will just have to wait and see. There are four apple trees and one victoria plum tree.

The garden is looking pretty wild at the moment and it definitely needs a lot of work done but this will just have to wait.

I love this time of year which spells out New Life and reminds me of the New Life which Jesus gave to all of us whether we know Him or not. He is the reason why we are alive full stop.

Also this season spells out summer foods and away with the winter/fall menu until October. English Strawberries, Jersey Royal Potatoes and Asparagus are all in season now along with other delicious fresh produce.

I have made ice-cream and so far I have experimented with Cointreau and Orange and also Strawberry. I am going to make Vanilla over this weekend too of which I will probably post how I make this lovely dessert. I just love Ice-cream full stop :)

Summer clothes are now all ironed and hung up in the wardrobe and put away in draws. I have been blessed with a almost a full wardrobe of new clothes from a very Dear Friend so I am all stocked up which is such a blessing :) All the clothes are put away in co-ordinated colours which is a first for me lol

Well I guess this is enough info for now but I will keep you updated on more Spring/Early Summer menus etc so watch this space :)


Every Blessing,