Be Still

Monday, 1 May 2017

Be still and know that I am here
For always I am forever near
If you call upon my name
Rest assured that I will hear
Be still

Be Still, take time to rest
Listen to the birds in their nest
Just singing their mother’s song
Just know there is no second best
Be still

Be still and take time to grow
In my presence you will know
That I am here forever
Through you my seeds I sow
Be still

For I am your refuge and strength
In times of trouble
In times of need and times of joy
Just know that you will not crumble
For as you seek me
You will find me wherever you are
Just through me you will simply
Be still

Be still, come sit awhile at my feet
Listen, come to me and meet
With me in worship
For through this worship there is no defeat
Be still

Be still and know that I am God
I wont beat you with an iron rod
If you wander array
Under my feet you will not be trod
Be still

Be still and listen to my voice
To grow in me there’s no other choice
Take heed and listen to my words
Take time and with me rejoice
Be still

Copyright: Page Alexanda April 2017

Every Blessing,