At The Pulpit - A Fictional Short Story

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

One Wintry November evening

Brrr, it was cold outside and Mr Frost had already begun his visit I noticed as soon as I opened my front door. Wrapping the scarf around my neck so as to keep out the winter chill, I closed the front door. I made my way down the steps and out onto a pavement that was buzzing with people – unusual for this time of evening I thought. Where did all these people come from?  Where were they going? Then it dawned on me, middle of November; today was Thursday, which meant late night shopping had begun.  Great, just what I didn’t need! I felt a little pang of guilt then and as quickly as this thought popped into my head - I got rid of it.   

It seemed to me that Christmas seemed to be getting earlier and earlier each year, even the Christmas lights were all switched on I noticed as I neared the shopping mall.  All along the sidewalks, shops were gaily lit with colourful lights, windows adorned with decorations & lots of gifts displayed in the windows to entice the shoppers.

I hurried along wanting to get away from both the gaiety that seemed to be all around plus the sharp crispness of the air – I wrapped the scarf even tighter around me, boy it was cold. Crossing the road, I hurried down a side street which was also brightly lit and for this I was thankful. I checked my watch to realise that I was running later than intended, so I quickened my pace until finally I was outside the gates to the church.

I hurried on into the building to find that I was not the only one who was late which was a relief. I removed my gloves and scarf – it was so nice to be in the warm and away from the coldness outside.  The church building, I suddenly realised, was already packed full of people as I looked around for a spare seat which I eventually spotted over on the on the far left hand side of the large room. 

The speaker had already begun which meant that the worship was going to take place later on in the evening.  If I had left home a little earlier then I wouldn’t have missed the beginning but, at least at the end of the service I could purchase the teaching on cd – this was something that had only just started and was a fabulous blessing especially for those who couldn’t make any of the services. Oh yes, this was a blessing indeed!

I reached into my bag, took out my bible, notepad and pen and settled myself back into the seat to listen to the words being spoken by the speaker at the front. This was a guy who was very well known in various countries. A preacher, who over the years had become renowned for his gift of teaching; A preacher, who had the ability to capture and hold the attention of his audience, who also had this perfect knack of making  them laugh at exactly the right moment.  Oh indeed, he was good and he was a man whom I had come to admire & respect over the years. 

I smiled then remembering how we first met, which was at Bible College many years ago. From that very first meeting, we both somehow knew that the Lord had not only bought us together, but we were destined to be together for the rest of our lives. Just at the moment, the preacher in the pulpit at the front, caught my gaze and smiled. My heart melted as always when he smiled at me in this way. You see, this man in the pulpit was not only a gifted international speaker who was loved by so many, but to me he was even more special. For at the end of the day this was a man whom the Lord had given to me all those years ago – this very special man was my husband.

Every Blessing,