Forward To The Past

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

This poem I wrote when I first started a different blog around four years ago and I thought I would post the poem on here :)

Forward to the past sounds complicated right? wrong
Standing at the crossroads wondering which way to turn
To move forward or to take a turn to the left or the right
Whichever decision you make, it has to be one that is bright

Forward to the past means not turning the clock back
And there is no turning round and turning away
For that would be a foolish thing to do for sure
As standing here in a quandary, thoughts are bound to be raw

Forward to the past, which way is the way to go
Therefore ask and you will see, seek and you will find
Look at the old paths and you will find rest
Rest for your souls, and walking therein is best

Forward to the past hearken until his Word
For this is what you are called to do throughout life
For if you follow his calling you can only go onwards
And on and on and on, all the way going forward

Forward to the past, moving on into the future
Make sure you are not standing at the gates looking back
Looking back into the past and yesteryears of life
Hearken unto His Word and step into the gateway you know is right

Forward to the past sounds complicated right? Wrong
Just look at the road ahead and keep going
Moving together into the Promised Land
Where you will find God’s promises are all at hand

From Jeremiah 6:16
Copyright Page Alexanda 2012

Every Blessing,