Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The poem below I wrote about a store called Roots that was an up and coming food store/coffee shop in the heart of Taunton. Sadly this store is no longer there but I had so much fun writing this poem I have to say so enjoy :)


Deep in the heart of a Somerset town
Is a store that is becoming very renowned
For all of its fare is quite simply the best
Everything produced; comes from the west

Tucked down a bustling country lane
Is where you’ll see them and Roots is their name
So next time you are heading out this way
Don’t forget to pop in at some point in the day

The cheeses & cakes you’ll simply adore
And will have you come back begging for more
Their chocolate and yoghurts so divine
Will bring back memories of childhood times

Everything made is local and fresh
Even their produce you’ll find full of zest
Organically grown and pesticide free
Nothing but goodness, just taste and see

You can even go in for a coffee and chat
And catch up on news, so how’s about that
Whilst there make sure you look around
For their info you’ll see is quite profound

On entering, you are met with a smile
For customers, Roots will go one extra mile
So helpful and friendly, knowledgeable too
Enthusiasm shines through in all that they do

The girls who run it are so full of mirth
And they regularly support friends of the earth
Hard working, charming and so full of wit
Their ease with customers is quite simply a hit

Also proud sponsors of Skippy the hen
She was rescued from living in a battery pen
As well as Skippy there is much more to say

If you love local foods, this store is for you
A delight to the eyes as soon as you walk through
A joy and experience not to be missed
Shopping there is none other than simply, pure bliss

Copyright Page Alexanda 2006

Every Blessing,